Crying Charlie

To continue with the crying over things theme from my previous post, I thought about sharing this song that has made me cry when I first saw and continues to do so every freakin’ time. It’s a Korean song but I swear, not all media I consume are Korean. I hope you would also like it. You can prepare some tissues before clicking play. Continue reading


Residual Thoughts: Part-Time Idol (2017)

residual thoughts

I’ve been planning to watch more Korean dramas with just a couple of episodes ever since I’ve watched Page Turner, Splash Splash Love, and Queen of the Ring. I know the answer to this is to watch more web dramas but I was in a slump towards the end of 2017 that my to-watch list just piled up.

As a part-time Netflix content browser, I came across Part-Time Idol and seeing that AKMU’s Lee Su Hyun is part of the show, I clicked on it faster than I could. I have been into AKMU’s music and I was excited to see her on this. Continue reading

Ben&Ben in Duma

2017 has open me to a lot of new things and one of them is music. One of the artists I grew to love last year is Ben&Ben, which is an OPM indie folk band. Last December, my bff and I decided to hop on a bus to see the band in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. I’m from the Occidental so that’s roughly seven hours away from where we’re from. But aside from seeing one of our favorite bands, the fact that the event was a fundraising project by The Noche Buena Project was a reason enough to get on board.

We didn’t make any plans about the trip other than seeing the band. We didn’t even have a place to stay so we spent the last hour of the bus ride trying to find an affordable overnight place where we can rest before we face another 7-hour bus ride the following day. Luckily, we found Flying Fish Hostel. It was a bit far from the city center but man, the place was amazing. It’s also very comfortable and suited for travellers who wouldn’t mind meeting a few new people from the place. Continue reading

And I’m back!

From my previous post, I alluded that by this time, I would be away from home and will be facing new challenges in life. Update: It didn’t happen yet. Things were pushed back but we’ll get to that later.

For now, I’m just happy to be able to write a blog since my laptop, Harry, gave up last November. I never thought I would miss having a laptop since I rarely use it when I finished school. It used to be an extra limb because I have to carry it in case I have to write something or edit something on the go. Harry was a big part of my college life and although I was sad that he died, I’m also proud of what he has done for me for four years. (Am I the only one who gets emotional when talking about their old laptop?)

I have several things to post but have been postponed due to the lack of equipment but now I’m back. I’m currently attempting to live a more productive life so I hope it would also include blogging.

On that life update, as I’ve said plans were pushed back because of various reasons. One of them is my mental health. I’m taking a more proactive approach on this one so I can be somewhat better when it’s time for me to go. For now, I’m just focused on doing better in that aspect, as well as learning tons of stuff on the side.

Future Plans

In less than three months from now, I’m gonna face the impulsive decision I’ve made five months ago when I was having an episode of depression and was crying to my mom on the phone. Back then, I have nothing to motivate myself to keep on working and being away from home didn’t help. I know I wanted to succeed but I just can’t find the fire to keep going. Thinking about what some people I know from college would say about my career path was also making it worse. So out of desperation of keeping an incline motion in my path, I told my mom that I’ll go live with my cousins outside the country and work there.

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Residual Thoughts: The Circle (2017)

residual thoughts.pngA few weeks ago, I was crying over something I was watching. It wasn’t really sad but some faulty wiring in me makes it easier for me to connect and empathize with what I’m watching or reading, compared to the things I encounter in real life. I know, it means I’m living in a fiction world.

I remembered Kirsten Clark from Stitchers having residual emotions from her previous stitch. I thought maybe this is me having residual emotions from whatever I’m watching, hence, the title of this… um, series? Anyway, you can expect to read more about my thoughts on whatever I’m watching that made me feel the need to talk about it. I’m limiting it to what I’ve watched because I’m also planning to post reviews on what I’ve read. I’m gonna put out a disclaimer though: This is not a review. I’m not an expert and although I might sound a bit technical sometimes, that is not me being an expert. These will be just about my thoughts and everything is subjective.

So without further ado… Continue reading

Let’s Start with Something Sad

When I started this blog, I told myself that it won't be like my other blogs; that it won't be like my personal dumpsite of sadness. I said I'd talk about different things but that I would mainly keep things light, fun, and insightful.

Unfortunately, it already sounded like bullshit since the first time I thought about it. I just didn't expect it to be this soon.
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Going Back

I never thought I’d go back to blogging but here I am. Thanks to a not-so-serious talk with one of my friends, I thought it’s about time to do something more in my life and after assessing what I loved doing before and blogging is one of them. These past few months, I’ve only been focused on working and my free time was spent on watching Korean dramas. For someone who hates routines, it’s funny how my life has become one.

I used to blog mainly about books but I thought I’d shake things up this time and with less commitment. This space will be filled with book reviews (of course), thoughts, and basically anything I would love to talk about. I’m transforming this as my safe space where I can dump everything, beyond the filter and beyond the borderline. If you’re following me on Tumblr, you’d see that some of the posts are imported here.

Aside from blogging, I’ve also decided to revisit my love for making videos. Hopefully, I would be able to upload something by the end of each month. No, it’s not a vlog. I’m also trying to learn new languages and for now, I’m focusing on Korean. I never thought I’d miss studying until recently.

Going back to blogging is kind of daunting for me since this screams like commitment but it also excites me. Here’s to more future post! See you around!